What to wear!

A lot of my clients really struggle ahead of time with what to wear. Its hard picking out an outfit that you will be looking at for years to come, trust me, its impossible for me! Here are some great tips to help ease the stress!



Be comfortable. Be YOU!

  • Most importantly I want you to be comfortable, and be yourself. Having your picture taken can sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable at first. I don’t want clothes to add to that feeling. As such, please choose clothing that fits you well, fits your personal “style”, and makes you feel good.

  • If you just had a baby, and you are feeling slightly self conscious, wear something slightly more flowey and less tight to make you feel more confident and gorgeous 


Color Choices

  • Try to avoid too much white if possible, as it can make people look washed out or it can stand out as too bright in some lighting situations. One or two people in white is totally fine, but everyone in white is a big no no! Neutrals or solid colors tend to work best for portraits. Darker colors can be slimming. As a general rule, rich tones (cranberry, purples, gold, deep browns) work well for brunettes and redheads, while lighter neutrals or pastels (baby blue, light pink, beige) look great on blondes. Neons tend to look more dated in photos. If its cold, don't be scared of layers, coats, hats, and gloves! Avoid a ski type jacket and go for the pea coat or a more stylish clean look! All of these look good for photos! Remember you’ll want to treasure these photos for years to come!

  • Don't be afraid to add patterns either! Plaid, stripes and floral often look amazing in photos as long as its not overdone and only one or two people are wearing it!

  • If we are doing an in home photo shoot, pick colors that go well with the theme of your house. Neutrals usually go best with in home photos, but again, don't put off  adding a pop of color! 



  • Photos typically look more natural when couples or families choose to coordinate outfits, rather than go for an exact match (unless you really DO wear the same outfits on a daily basis!). Try choosing 1-2 colors as your foundation and then mixing different patterns, textures, and even some contrasting accessories for a look that is pulled-together but also reflects your personal style.

  • When we did our family photos, I told everyone to go with the blue/grey theme. That way, we could add pink, purple, black in with it! 

Here is a great example of a family in all solid colors, mostly neutral, but a rich plum to make it pop!


The patterns that this family showed up in are SO perfect! The colors go amazing together, and the patterns add texture and beauty.

Love how the girlies are in matching shirts and bows, and everyone else has a nice texture added

This gorgeous family dressed perfectly for their indoor newborn session, they didn't matching outfits  but they wore neutral colors to match the theme of their dreamy home


Lastly, cake smash! You don't need props and wild clothing to make your 1 year old's cake smash perfect! I love jeans and suspenders for boys and maybe a tutu and nothing else for your little lady. Or, a diaper alone is just perfect! 


Did you know I have a pinterest page dedicated to outfit choices? Check it out here





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