Downloading your images

1. When opening your gallery you will see two separate tabs. One labeled HIGH RESOLUTION, another labeled LOW RESOLUTION.  



2. When you download your photos, your LOW RESOLUTION photos are the ones you should share online. These are all the same as the high resolution photos, they are just adjusted for the web to make sure their quality will not be altered when posting. These photos will have a file extension of .WEB.jpeg. 





3. If possible, PLEASE do not download, save, and upload from your cell phone as it will destroy the quality, and use a computer :)

 Each photo will have a download button on each photo that looks like an cloud with an arrow pointing down. This is your DOWNLOAD button. If you want to download images separately use those buttons and your download will automatically begin. However, if you would like to download an entire album or all of your photos,  there is the same button on the top right of your screen! Click this, and you will receive an email shortly after with a link to download your photos.

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